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Sir Frances Worthington I

Basics: His elders made their riches in colonial lands, and especially in the ivory trade. He bore a son sharing his name with Mable Marquart, before descending into an asylum for the rest of his life.

Personal Secret: He doesn’t remember why he got knighted. Or why. Or when. He’s probably not even a knight at all. People just use the title to keep him calm.

Intimate Secret: He had a large interest in Big Game Hunting, and often traveled to foreign lands just to find new trophies. Or not-so foreign lands. Or his backyard. He shot a neighbor’s horse, once. He kept the head mounted on the wall of his son’s bedroom, who didn’t appreciate the gift one bit.

Dark Secret: The loss of his sanity originated as a teenager, while visiting the lands where his family originally made profit. He was complete horrified by what he saw what they had done, that he became mentally disintegrated.

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