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Hi, everybody! A bit late at night to upload this, but whatevs.

I saw SerenityFall’s FtM conversion of Newsea’s Inside Out mesh, and it filled me with glee. I wanted to pooklet it right away, but then I remembered I hated binning hairs. So, I went the streaky hair route, and here I am.

Twelve streaky hairs for your sims. There are twelve for each gender, which technically makes twenty four hairs. It’s for all ages, so if you ever wanted a toddler with shiny purple hair, your wish is granted. I used Pooklet’s natural and unnatural textures for these. The meshes are included in the zip, and the male and female hairs are in different folders just in case you don’t need any boys with pink hair. The packages have long names due to my need for specifics, but the hairs themselves are labeled by basic color rather than texture color name. So if you don’t want a guy with pink hair, you’d go into the Male folder and delete the file labeled Blonde&Pink. 

 This was quite fun to do, despite myself not actually a hairdye nut. I mean, I do dye my hair. I’m a natural blonde (dirty blond), but I dye it red (think explosive). My sister recently dyed her hair blue, so she’s more apt at the art than I.

Enough jabbering, download here!

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