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♥ 5 — 2 hours ago on 23 Jul 2014



Now anyone can get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection without having to harass some EA employee. You can find instructions here. The code is only redeemable until July 31st, so grab it while you can!

here y’all go!

♥ 2314 — 14 hours ago on 23 Jul 2014 — via fivegigs (source)

Since the rejection by the other employee, Gilbert Jacquet turned his focus to the one he actually bolts with. Only one bolt, and she’s not really that into him, but he still got a macking session out of it. Oh, and furniture discounts.

Denise had some bad luck, on the other hand. First day on the job, and she gets fired. At least she can sell off that bakery they have.

♥ 11 — 1 day ago on 22 Jul 2014
Anonymous inquired:

37, 47

37. Hard to say, I spell a lot of things wrong. I should start keeping tabs. I know I sometimes forget to add in a double letter when certain words require it. Like misspelled. I forget the second s.

47. I don’t really read book series? I prefer stand alone books. I guess Series of Unfortunate Events, since I finished that one. 


1 day ago on 22 Jul 2014
Anonymous inquired:


uh uh uh 

i think it had to do with my OCs

character development and stuff


♥ 1 — 2 days ago on 21 Jul 2014
whispered-rumor defaulted a hair for me! :)

whispered-rumor defaulted a hair for me! :)

♥ 14 — 2 days ago on 21 Jul 2014

I gotta be honest. I have no issue with the Bro trait as a concept, even with how ridiculous it is. I can live with the trait itself. The issue I have with the Bro trait is that it’s the only damn trait that EA seems to be focusing on. Like, tell me about the Foodie trait in that same detail. Hell, tell me about the food system. Or how to check if your sim is even hungry, since still I can’t tell where the friggin’ motives are on the UI. OR HOW THE UI WORKS.

what do these buttons mean

♥ 36 — 2 days ago on 21 Jul 2014
justsimaround inquired:

16, 30, and 48 <3

16. I can hear my computer fan running, does that count?

30. Well, it’s night time right now, but it’s a clear night. California summers aren’t all that bad.

48. This afternoon. I sent my sister a snapchat (even though she was in the same room as me), and Snapchat was taking a long time to load on her phone. I started laughing really hard because I knew when it loaded, all she’d see is a pic of my face in a really contorted manner.

♥ 3 — 3 days ago on 20 Jul 2014
yandereplumsim inquired:

23, 27 and 28 : )

23. February 26, 1995.


  • I’m lumpy and I have a lot of stretch marks but I really don’t mind them
  • I’m a natural blonde but I dye my hair Auburn/Red because it compliments my appearance better.
  • My eyelashes are long, so if I get a mascara meant for lengthening, it kind of looks cartoony and gets all over my glasses
  • You can still see where my ears were pierced when I was six. All the cool kids had their ears pierced, y’know.
  • I pretty much look like a generically stereotypical white cis feminist. A very cute one, though.

28. Mountain Dew. I prefer the sugar one they sell once in a while, but I often drink the HFCS one. I also drink a LOT of water though.

♥ 2 — 3 days ago on 20 Jul 2014

Malcolm is still trying to figure what exactly he wants to do, since he can’t just start the life of crime he wants. Jason passed by, so Malcolm invited them in. He got bored with the guest, but then Jodie called. 

(I’ve had Jodie and Malcolm together before, but another time couldn’t hurt, right?)

♥ 15 — 3 days ago on 20 Jul 2014