Since your demographic is entirely made up of boys (cishet white boys, natch) and silly girls aren’t gamers. Obviously.


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Is there a gender conversion of the BV eyepatch?

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there’s a significant lack of Brigid Tenenbaum in Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

grrrr when has erasing the roles and importance of your female characters to benefit your male characters ever been a good move?

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The end of Bioshock.

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Since I totally could, I did the Tumbleton Blind Date challenge again! This time, I rolled sims Angelo Howell by Allisasims and Mama Mayfield by Officialmonster!

The results were Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. Yeah, I know you’re only supposed to make three sim offspring. It’s not my fault that they had quads. Anyway, I liked Venus the most! Yay.

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After some sifting through the undeclared major, Heather settled on Art, while Brittany went for Political Science. Although Britt really does not like having to be in this situation, she’s glad that she is still getting an education, and that she did not screw Heather completely over. Time will tell if it really is a good thing or not, though.

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As they figured out their places in this new school, Brittany got right to work forming connections with the other students. Max Flexor, a fellow popularity sim, seemed a good person to start with. She also invited in Jonah Powers. This new start is much more of a boon than either of them would have thought. Sure, they won’t be able to party as much, if at all…but at least there’s new people. People who have no idea what they did. That’s a good thing. 

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There was a huge scandal as SSU, involving exam papers and fatal blood loss, and Tri-Var sorority was at the front of it. The entire sorority got expelled. Brittany Upsnott’s mother had some sweet connections to other colleges, and managed to get her into ALT. Brit offered her once sorority sisters to tag along, as she felt she owed them. Although Tiffany upright refused (she had no involvement in the scandal, but she still got punished!), Heather Huffington joined with her. 

Although Mrs. Upsnott was forgiving enough to send them to a new college, she did not grant them much in the way of cash. The two outright refused to live in a dorm, so they got the cheapest lot on campus: a single room building with an outhouse and a shoddy excuse for a grill. Apparently it used to be the meeting place for a religious club on campus, until the college shut the club down for reasons relating to harassment of other students.

They managed to get a bed, a fridge, and some other odds and ends in there, but considering the freakishly high rent of the building (despite it being one-room), they’re not going to fit not much else in there. Maybe a bunk bed when the scrounge up enough money.

Heather is much happier about the situation than Brittany is, to say the least. 

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Lydia is rather well behaved for a cow mascot. Despite having the personality of any other Cow Mascot, she generally keeps to herself when she can. 

Of course, I haven’t played this hood enough.

Delilah was getting kind of lonely, and what she heard from Edna, Roxie moved Ellen in with them. It’s getting crowded, but Delilah has a nice warm spot in her bed for the taking.

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Delilah needed many things. Skilling is definitely one, but another is a reformat of that house of her. Why is the base game staircase such an awful one? Why?

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